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About this blog

Find out what's going on with the community with important updates and on going events! Here you will find all kinds of great information about this community.

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Pool Game Lobby,

Hello community, nothing new to report for tonight. We will cover few topic's for newer players and look at any member complains. We also will be looking for help in running events for weekends, so if your interested please drop me message. Hope to see everyone at tonight's meeting. 


Hello, Pool Community!

Not sure about you but I did have a blast on Sunday! I had time to get lots of pool in for the night. For myself I had time for 35 games, before I had to head off for the night. I know we don't have lot of people sign up yet on the forums but in do time. As more users sign up and I ask you too post your images in our gallery to show off the pool game engine. Yes, the tournament app will be here very soon to this community. Please bare with the community until more changes can be rolled out soon. Would like to thank everyone who showed up and played on the server. Have a great monday / work week.



Hello, Community!

As you may already know the software has gone live! Any and all feedback is welcome.

  1. The unity service is a stand alone service and it will not be link with our board.
  2. Again if you want your community name link to the unity service, please post in the game help.
  3. Make a request and member plus volunteer will reply with asset you in signing your name up.

This community project should be completed over this weekend. Plans to update topic's in the game help room, basic setup of the community. I'm hoping this weekend we can get some good game images to post in our gallery -_-. As you may see the blogs is open for everyone to read, and welcoming people to read up about our neat little community. Myself and few others will post once a month or more to keep every one updated with on going events. Myself already have to go ton of meetings... :S. Anyways have a great day and pool onward! 




Hello Community!

As I keep updating the forums, downloads and more please keep in mind changes can still happen. As our collab gains more members, we ask to give as much feedback as you can to us. Plans to get the tournament app up very soon. For the community will see every Sunday for event night. We will expand on to more days when the time comes. As of right now the member plus volunteers over see all the gaming lobbies. The community will be holding a monthly meetings as of now we have not set up any times yet. The software will be under going more changes as well and nothing is set in stone as well. That's all I can report for now thanks for reading.

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