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Week of 3/25/2018



Hello Member Plus Community,

As you can see we are working hard to get all the information updated. We have completed most of the apps we will see done for some time for people and chat. Myself +member will be turning all my attention to the gaming lobbies projects. Other plus members will keep me up to date with on going projects. When I went to this month meeting we had a small turn around of members from the community. I feel people and chat services can come out of alpha stage into beta stages. We need to keep pushing hard to find some more good member plus to help us make people and chat a great service! Few updates will be rolling out very soon and we will see the tournament return very soon! We have a few new member pluses joining the ranks very soon. The member plus community has gone through some updates to menu, chat rooms, calendar and over haul of member plus information sheets for new members. The report member plus section has been removed as well, we ask all members to just use the contact us function and make a report. That's all to report for this week. Thanks for reading up.


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