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Plus Member Community Leader Change

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Hello Community,

I'm not going away by any means. I'm happy to hand my hat off to +John for the time being. His roles was one of the admins and now is stepping down in to a single role to help lead plus member community. The blog will also be handed over to +John. As of right now I will also be removing myself from the administrator group as +Member. Yes, I will still be around in my plus name or community name without roles. So who is going to run the community still? Well for short I will still be the founder and webmaster for it. But the only few names which will be in the administrator group, will be the community bots. Yes, I can take control of these bots at any time ban members or change things under their names. But I feel at this point we only need people in the Moderator Roles and Bots in the Administrator Roles. That's all to report for now.

I'm happy to say we will also be adding a new group called community talk hosts for the forums. These people over see everything on their section of the forums. We have gone through the list of people who have applied. We will be welcoming them all starting 1st of May, 2018 at the community meeting chat room. Thanks to everyone who shows support to our growing community. Yes, the community is coming out of beta VERY SOON! Once the community is out of beta you will be able to keep your community names and they wont be deleted after each update. Thanks for reading!

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