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This event repeats every month forever

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Come to the Chat Auditorium to talk to some of the community on peopleandchat. Make sure to read the rules below, and get your questions ready!

All chats take place at 8:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, unless noted.

Monthly Meeting - PeopleandChat
Hosted by Member Plus Volunteers and with the many others of the community. 
We cover all kinds of your questions and we try to give good answers during the monthly meetings. Bring your questions! See you there!
This is a "Theater Chat Events" information channel. Please make sure you understand the rules before participating.

Theater Chat Rules 

  1. In order to allow all members to participate, and to get as many of their questions answered as possible, these chats are mediated events with some easy-to-follow rules.
  2. When you enter the room, you are in Watching mode and will not be able to chat.
  3. The Host of the Chat Room is called a Moderator; and this person allows you to ask questions to the guests. Note: The Chat events should not be used for technical support questions.
  4. If you would like to ask a question, choose Moderator from the Chat list. The Moderator will place your Member ID in the Waiting list.
  5. When it's your turn, the Moderator will ask you to speak, and your Member ID will be bumped up to Asking mode. You will then be able to ask your question of the guest.
  6. Use points of ellipsis (that is, three periods, ". . .") at the end of your question if you run out of space and would like to ask more. When done with your question, type "ga" so our guest can answer.
  7. At the Moderator's discretion, you may get one follow-up question. Follow the same format as noted above.
  8. After the follow-up question, the next person in the queue will be recognized.
  9. Please wait until your Member ID shows in the Asking category before sending your message.
  10. If you break any of these rules, you may forfeit your place in the queue, and your status may change to Watching mode only.
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