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This event repeats every month forever

Event details

Community/Management Team
Welcome to the monthly community, meeting event page!


  1. We will cover important information from weekly game meetings, before moving on to the other steps of the main monthly meeting.
  2. Members can request tournament or league to take place. Member Plus event team will make sure you have a event host for you ready to go!
  3. We will always ask if any community member of this collab would like to be trained as host too run their own tournaments. With help from member plus volunteer.
  4. We are always looking for feedback on how we are doing as member plus to this community.
  5. Any information from the weekly meeting will be sent into update this event page and meeting minutes will be posted in pdf form for members to read at a later time.


Events Defined

  • CLASS A - are the highest level of events in the classification system. They are completely prize driven, online qualifier with a live finals. They are managed and implemented entirely by the people and chat staff.
  • CLASS B - These events are also prize driven and potentially sponsored. A people and chat Event Platform Coordinator and Event Director will manage the majority of planning and implementation.
  • CLASS C - Mainly the online volunteer hosts manage these events. They receive direction from an Event Team member. Minimal prizes are involved. An example would be a Spotlight .
  • CLASS D - These events are designed and managed by the volunteer hosts with minor people and chat staff involvement. An example would be the daily user run tournaments.

In order to get your Tournament Room from "Game Lobbies" you must schedule your time. To cancel a tournament we ask you e-mail your event host at least 24 hours in advance of the start time that you have requested.
You MUST contact your event host at least 24 hours or more prior to your requested start time.

  • If your tournament has been uploaded & listed on the Tournament & Events Webpage and it is scheduled to take place in 24 hours or less.
  • It is the scheduled hosts responsibility to find a replacement host if you can not do the scheduled tournament!
  • Once you have found a substitute host, You and the Substitute host ( MEANING BOTH PARTIES ) MUST Email the event host.



Events Administrators: 
Volunteer primary responsibility is Level A events. At this time Volunteer is also over all the day-to-day operations of the Hosts, Training and Event Management Teams. Volunteer works directly with management at people and chat services to promote and negotiate new policies, tools, and procedures for the Event team as a whole. Is responsible for all the below positions and accountable for all activity of the Event Team. All Host/Tournament updates, changes, additions, deletions, etc go to Volunteer. All level A and B events go to Volunteer. Is responsible for staffing of all paid and volunteer positions on the Event Team, as well as maintaining records for the entire hosting group.

Tournament Administrators:
They are in charge of the Tournament Tool as far as approving tournaments etc in all areas. They are responsible for putting together a team of approves for so that morning/day/night is covered.

Host Instructors - Host Instructors conduct the Host Training Classes.
Host Trainers - Host trainers work with Host interns on a one to one basis to help them become endorsed Hosts.

Game-Specific, Committee:
Please take the time to read through the descriptions of the Member Plus Volunteers.
Various opportunities / volunteer positions you can contribute to the "Game Lobbies".
People and Chat "Game Lobbies" has different functions and is basically divided into areas.

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