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Plus Member Program: Moderation by Volunteers "Voice Matters."
Please Note:
Please check the plus member community calendar for important information.
You must attendant the monthly meetings to maintain your token.

  1.  Blogs

    1. Plus Member Community Blog

      Get all your important information updates by reading this blog which is for the community and plus members volunteers.

  1.  Plus Member - "Volunteering Opportunities"

    1. Plus Member (24 Hour Enrollment) - CLOSED

      On enrollment days their will be online form that you can fill out. These forms are accepted for 24 hours. Then, your application will be reviewed. If you are selected, you will be sent information via e-mail, and you will receive a "+" token. Please read all the topic's about how to enrollment in the 24 hours period for "Member Plus Program".

    2. Plus Member (24 Hour Nomination) - CLOSED

      During nominations, certain Pluses Member are allowed to nominate one person to become a Plus Member who has shown a positive, helpful attitude toward other players. The pluses will then send in their nomination. Note that during nominations, the member plus who is nominating you will need to have contact with you so he/she can gather the correct information to send to the peopleandchat.

    3. Plus Member Leadership (Enrollment to Nominations) - CLOSED

      Plus Member Leadership will post when opening will happen. Openings will be posted for only one week for anyone who meets the requirements to apply and make sure you read them before applying. Enrollment allows member plus to apply, then shortly after nominations will be posted soon after for member pluses to vote on that plus member to become a leader.

  2.  Meeting the Volunteers and Staff Members

    1. MPlus - Hall of Fame & Awards

      The Outstanding Award is presented to those who show excellence in Member Plus Volunteer Program. 
      Those who receive this award have shown tremendous professionalism and expertise in the manner presenting.

      • No content here yet
    2. Q&A (Plus Member Volunteers)

      Question and Answer, for Plus Member Volunteers! Keep all topics clean, not all topics maybe answered!

      Bits from the Ivory Tower - 
      Where the Staff can take a turn at tilting at windmills, telling the truth, dispelling myths, and occasioally says something of value.


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