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    Card Game Lobby Community, Welcome and greetings to all who read this blog. This week we will have our quick meeting before the games start and cover some topic's. Topic's will cover new players questions, to community complains about other players. Please note we won't give details on what happen's to these members, banned, kicked etc etc. Also make sure you check out the calendar for any new events. In the near future we will be updating new events that don't land on Sunday's. These events maybe ran by other members or plus members volunteers. See you tonight!

    Change of Community Owner

    Hello Community, Effect now the community leader has changed. For the time being the new leader is "CGLOBBY". Yes, it's a weird name to have but as you will see over time most of the lobbies leader names will change over to lobby names. These names allow more then one person to staff the community. This will allow better control and less effect in changing out leadership names. This resource was created solely to help you - consistent and visible point of contact for all your needs. CGLOBBY@MPLUS is: • A vehicle in which you can voice concerns/issues/feedback • A Helper in case you need support regarding enforcement issues/911s • A Mediator • A Problem Solver • A Member Plus program Helper • A FAQ Resource • And a Friend :-) In order to ensure that everyone will know how to find/contact this @mplus, be sure to add CGLOBBY@MPLUS to your Friend's list. Furthermore, the addition of this new role will work to address the communication issues that many of you have brought up in the past.