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  1. Last week
  2. Hey Community, Summer will be coming to end very soon! But don't worry, the community has few more Sundays of summer time left. Goals to set up tournaments and updating more quiz's to our new app script. The community is slowly coming together with blog, forums chat and more. When trying to chat between other members of the community please us the in house chat rooms. Their is a option to pop out the chat rooms. This should make it very easy to talk to one other. That all for now see you at this weekly meeting. Also note all the communities will be on Sunday's.
  3. Earlier
  4. +John


    Plus Member Community, Hello! Thanks for all who come to the monthly meetings and keep up your plus tokens. So plans to add more plus members to our current list with a 24 hour enrollment day will happen soon. Please keep checking back for enrollment day. More training is under way to teach more about services we offer here at people and chat. See you at this up coming meetings. Please note, calendar of events has been down graded to one meeting per month. Also the 24 hour enrollment event has been push back until month of October. The plus committee has looked into overhualing the community meetings and plus member meetings.


    Hello, community! I'm here to bring you some updates for this month of July. I know it's been few months since the last update so let's begin. Community team have asked the event team to update the tournament section for our gaming community here. So a link has been added, and we need to start some teams and show up on Sundays for some awesome fun. That's all to report at this time, thanks for reading.
  6. Hello Community, I'm not going away by any means. I'm happy to hand my hat off to +John for the time being. His roles was one of the admins and now is stepping down in to a single role to help lead plus member community. The blog will also be handed over to +John. As of right now I will also be removing myself from the administrator group as +Member. Yes, I will still be around in my plus name or community name without roles. So who is going to run the community still? Well for short I will still be the founder and webmaster for it. But the only few names which will be in the administrator group, will be the community bots. Yes, I can take control of these bots at any time ban members or change things under their names. But I feel at this point we only need people in the Moderator Roles and Bots in the Administrator Roles. That's all to report for now. I'm happy to say we will also be adding a new group called community talk hosts for the forums. These people over see everything on their section of the forums. We have gone through the list of people who have applied. We will be welcoming them all starting 1st of May, 2018 at the community meeting chat room. Thanks to everyone who shows support to our growing community. Yes, the community is coming out of beta VERY SOON! Once the community is out of beta you will be able to keep your community names and they wont be deleted after each update. Thanks for reading!


    Pool Game Lobby, Hello community, nothing new to report for tonight. We will cover few topic's for newer players and look at any member complains. We also will be looking for help in running events for weekends, so if your interested please drop me message. Hope to see everyone at tonight's meeting.


    Card Game Lobby Community, Welcome and greetings to all who read this blog. This week we will have our quick meeting before the games start and cover some topic's. Topic's will cover new players questions, to community complains about other players. Please note we won't give details on what happen's to these members, banned, kicked etc etc. Also make sure you check out the calendar for any new events. In the near future we will be updating new events that don't land on Sunday's. These events maybe ran by other members or plus members volunteers. See you tonight!
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    Plus Member Meeting, Hello, community! As the meeting hours get closer for tonight. I have been asked why are the meeting only 30 mins and not hour long. Yes, their is a lot to cover in these 30 mins but we also have other on going meeting. Everything fells on Sunday nights, as most people are home and relax on the computer. So we won't role out longer meetings, but the Sunday nights are set in stone for now. This week we are holding a special meeting, hope to see everyone their tonight. thanks for reading.
  10. Hello Community! Here to bring you update on the current name change from member plus to plus member. Would like to thank you all for wanting to take part of this great community. For now we have decide to change the community name to relate to our names. Before we use to call m e m b e r p l u s now we can just call it plus member. Just like the plus comes before our names and not after. Few of the members didn't want the change but we are seeing it happen as of now. The hardest part of this will be the fact we have to change it all around our community. Keep on what you been doing and see you at this months meeting.

    Change of Community Owner

    Hello Community, Effect now the community leader has changed. For the time being the new leader is "CGLOBBY". Yes, it's a weird name to have but as you will see over time most of the lobbies leader names will change over to lobby names. These names allow more then one person to staff the community. This will allow better control and less effect in changing out leadership names. This resource was created solely to help you - consistent and visible point of contact for all your needs. CGLOBBY@MPLUS is: • A vehicle in which you can voice concerns/issues/feedback • A Helper in case you need support regarding enforcement issues/911s • A Mediator • A Problem Solver • A Member Plus program Helper • A FAQ Resource • And a Friend :-) In order to ensure that everyone will know how to find/contact this @mplus, be sure to add CGLOBBY@MPLUS to your Friend's list. Furthermore, the addition of this new role will work to address the communication issues that many of you have brought up in the past.
  12. Hello, community card players, Best card community on the internet can be found here! Other week of cards is coming soon, see you on Sunday for some matches. You have notice the community has gain some updates to it's looks and updated topic's. Public chat rooms have been added, gallery as well so you can add these awesome images. Tournament app for this community will be up very soon. Please come to the weekly meetings before we haul off to play some tournament card games. Everyone feedback is welcome!
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    Welcome to Pages

    Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the Invision Community. View our Pages documentation
  14. Hello, Pool Community! Not sure about you but I did have a blast on Sunday! I had time to get lots of pool in for the night. For myself I had time for 35 games, before I had to head off for the night. I know we don't have lot of people sign up yet on the forums but in do time. As more users sign up and I ask you too post your images in our gallery to show off the pool game engine. Yes, the tournament app will be here very soon to this community. Please bare with the community until more changes can be rolled out soon. Would like to thank everyone who showed up and played on the server. Have a great monday / work week.
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    Hello, Community! As you may already know the software has gone live! Any and all feedback is welcome. The unity service is a stand alone service and it will not be link with our board. Again if you want your community name link to the unity service, please post in the game help. Make a request and member plus volunteer will reply with asset you in signing your name up. This community project should be completed over this weekend. Plans to update topic's in the game help room, basic setup of the community. I'm hoping this weekend we can get some good game images to post in our gallery . As you may see the blogs is open for everyone to read, and welcoming people to read up about our neat little community. Myself and few others will post once a month or more to keep every one updated with on going events. Myself already have to go ton of meetings... . Anyways have a great day and pool onward!
  16. Hello Community! As I keep updating the forums, downloads and more please keep in mind changes can still happen. As our collab gains more members, we ask to give as much feedback as you can to us. Plans to get the tournament app up very soon. For the community will see every Sunday for event night. We will expand on to more days when the time comes. As of right now the member plus volunteers over see all the gaming lobbies. The community will be holding a monthly meetings as of now we have not set up any times yet. The software will be under going more changes as well and nothing is set in stone as well. That's all I can report for now thanks for reading.
  17. +Bot

    Week of 3/25/2018

    Hello Member Plus Community, As you can see we are working hard to get all the information updated. We have completed most of the apps we will see done for some time for people and chat. Myself +member will be turning all my attention to the gaming lobbies projects. Other plus members will keep me up to date with on going projects. When I went to this month meeting we had a small turn around of members from the community. I feel people and chat services can come out of alpha stage into beta stages. We need to keep pushing hard to find some more good member plus to help us make people and chat a great service! Few updates will be rolling out very soon and we will see the tournament return very soon! We have a few new member pluses joining the ranks very soon. The member plus community has gone through some updates to menu, chat rooms, calendar and over haul of member plus information sheets for new members. The report member plus section has been removed as well, we ask all members to just use the contact us function and make a report. That's all to report for this week. Thanks for reading up.
  18. What are the requirements for becoming part of leadership? Must be member plus for 2+ years. Must be willing to come to most meetings. Must be willing to answer questions for new or vet member plus. Must be willing to manage sections of people and chat services. Must be willing to manage member plus committee. How do I become a Member Plus Leader? You can become a M+ leader by only: Enrollment to Nomination. What is Enrollment? On enrollment day, leadership will post a form online that you can fill out. These forms are accepted for upto one week. Then, your application will be reviewed. If you are selected, you will be sent information via e-mail when next around will happen for nominations. What are Nomination? During nomination day, certain Member Pluses are allowed to nominate one person to leadership a Member Plus who has shown a positive, helpful attitude toward other players. The pluses will then send in their nomination. Note that during nominations, the member plus who is nominating you will need to have contact with you so he/she can gather the correct information to send to the peopleandchat. When will Enrollment and Nominations occur? Member Plus Leadership has determine when enrollment or nominations occur. However, they only give 24 hour notice for Enrollment, and nominations are only announced to pluses. Keep watching this page to receive the latest information about how to become a Member Plus, as this page is updated whenever new information arises.
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